Regret and incomprehension

A former finance minister of Romania spoke in hushed tones yesterday of his regret at the UK’s impending departure from the EU. His reason was the loss to the EU of the UK’s security apparatus and facilities. He acknowledged that the British people had spoken, but he could not disguise his concern that the European project would be damaged.

The opinion is widespread but in this case one cannot be surprised. Romania is still recoiling from its Russian/Soviet history and this was traumatic for many of its citizens. It entered the EU in 2007, much at the behest of the US, for whom it is a reliable buffer state against Russia. The security of the European political alliance is important to the people of Romania who are concerned not merely about a resurgent Russia (in Crimea/Ukraine etc)  but also about becoming over reliant on America..

As they are in the front line of East West relations, the strength of the EU’s security apparatus is important. Any loss is worrying and UK’s loss particularly so.

The issue of whether the UK can go through with the cock-eyed decision of its electorate will be discussed here on another occasion.

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