Corruption: The New Corporate Challenge

Palgrave Macmillan
£26, 256 pages
ISBN 9780230298439

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The dangers of involvement in corruption need to be embedded in corporate strategy. Companies’ response to these dangers must also be reflected in their practices, particularly if operating outside its own borders. This book guides managers through the complexity of bribery issues with advice on how to implement anti-corruption strategies.

Definitions and Distinctions
How Corporates can be Exposed to Corruption and Bribery
Corporate Risks of Bribery and Corruption
How a Company Responds to the Risks
Stopping Facilitation Payments
Spotting Corporate Corruption
Legal and Legislative Responses
How Corporates can be Prepared
International Anti-Bribery Laws
The Future of Legislation: UK 2010 Bribery Act
Case Studies of Corruption Cases


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