Evidence of Vaccine fraud

Note new cases of vaccine fraud are multiplying faster than the virus itself, by conmen stealing the NHS logo and claiming to offer vaccination. This was seen at https://d3926qxcw0e1bh.cloudfront.net/post_photos/23/9c/239c3dfe3143146a8833eeb349ff8f51.png. A contributor to my local Next Door website wrote,

“SPAM email re. NHS and Covid Vaccine. Hi everyone, please be aware and mindful of fake emails sent regarding Covid Vaccination bearing the NHS logo. I received this email and I was surprised to hear that I’ve been selected for vaccination programme. It was then I checked the email address it was sent from which had nothing to do with the NHS. Please be extra careful of similar emails, especially if you qualify or are expecting to hear from the NHS regarding your vaccination appointment”

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