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When criminals want to use money that they have got by theft or other forms of deception, they need to create the pretence of legitimacy. That loosely is the definition of money laundering. Nick Kochan has been investigating and exposing those pretences for some 20 years. While money laundering is an almost eternal art, it gained global prominence after 9/11.

Nick Kochan's book The Washing Machine, which covers terrorist financing, as well as money laundering by organised crime, was a ground breaker. It pulled in to the money laundering web Russian mafia, a host of terrorist groups, drugs cartel lords from South America, and petty remittance agencies from Britain. It remains consulted by law enforcement agencies, universities, and ironically, by some criminals. In the course of his money laundering research, Nick Kochan travelled far and wide, and this experience and knowledge is reflected in many articles in leading publications. He is also consulted by a number of agencies and companies.